«The more than a human world», invented in 1996 by David Abram, is a term that refers to the terrestrial nature, this set of interdependent living beings, beyond what we are able to perceive today.
To understand this link that binds Man to Earth and to other living beings, I followed his footsteps throughout
of History. The trip begins in the caves, continues along paths and leafy forests that guide us, wriggles through the mountains to raise our gaze to the immensity of the universe. It’s about understanding how nature influenced the growth of man, and as humans he apprehended.
Little by little, humans left the natural world, taking advantage of the planet’s resources at the expense of
the other living beings. This project proposes a different way of seeing nature; learn again to listen to it and to feel it, to find this primary bond that unites the human with the Earth.